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We suggest that each Trailwalker team pledges to raise £1200 for The Gurkha Welfare Trust as part of their challenge.

Fundraising ideas

Cook up a storm

You don’t have to wait until the Trailwalker finish line to enjoy a Gurkha curry! Host a Nepali curry night, and ask for donations in exchange for a ticket to your exclusive supper club.

Become the Quizmaster

Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to a local pub or community centre for a quiz night. Test their general knowledge, and include a special Nepali themed round for double points!

Flex your sales patter

Sell your unwanted items via an online platform or at a car boot sale, and de-clutter your home at the same time! Nothing to spare? Ask local businesses to donate items for a raffle or auction.

The difference your sponsorship makes


could fund 1000 metres of pipeline needed to bring clean water to a community, improving sanitation.


could provide a pension for one year, a lifeline for many vulnerable Gurkha veterans and their widows.


could pay to build a school, complete with classrooms, a library, and toilets. We aim to complete two projects of this scale every year.

Maximise your fundraising

For more fundraising ideas, download our Team Guide which covers all aspects of preparation for Trailwalker.  You’ll also find some useful fundraising materials on our Resources page!

Our work in Nepal

The Gurkha Welfare Trust enables Gurkha veterans, their families and communities in Nepal to live with dignity.  We deliver essential financial and medical aid, and work with local communities to provide access to clean water and education.

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We are all married to current or ex-Gurkha officers. We really understand the important work that GWT does in Nepal and are all passionate about supporting you. It’s been a pleasure to fundraise, and hope we can nudge our total up a bit further before the weekend!
Team Memsaheb Madness raised over £6000 for Trailwalker 2023