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Tackling a 100km route across the South Downs as a team of four is a monumental challenge. It’s achievable, but you should prepare yourself physically and mentally.

Remember to check the kit list

There are a number of things that you will need to safely take on Trailwalker. You’ll find these items useful for your training too!

Tips from participants

Heather Hitchins

Comms & Digital Coordinator
Trailwalker 2022- GWT Platinum Jubilee Team

Train as much as you can – on your own, with your team or with friends. Even if you are already fit and active, you need to get used to the time on your feet. I highly recommend getting a good pair of walking poles – helps keep you steady on the rough trail and a godsend when you’re tackling the big hills.

Remember to take lots of photos – it’s an experience you’ll never forget!

Anju Gurung

Gurkha Welfare Advisor
Trailwalker 2019 – Team Spitfire

Have good walking/trail running shoes and if you’re getting new ones, make sure you break into them well before the event. Train on the routes where you will most likely be walking through the night, so you’re familiar with the path.

Have good communication with the rest of your team and your support crew before and throughout the walk. Checklists for each checkpoint helps a lot, so your support crew know what you expect.

Chris Green

Trailwalker Veteran
Trailwalker 2015 & 2017 to 2023 – The Pukka Burhos

Set a realistic target – to get the whole team to the finish in under 30 hours is a massive achievement. Anything quicker is a bonus! Work out a plan based on the time to complete each stage, at a steady pace that everyone is comfortable with, and don’t forget to include rest time at checkpoints. Expect to slow down after 50km and remember the weather may play an important part.


Choose your team, initiate your fundraising, and start your training early – ideally, 6 months ahead. Build your training up slowly and steadily, and make sure you train with your support team at least twice before the event!
Piers Lawson, Trailwalker 2019 – Team 24 Hour Dal Bhat Power & Trailwalker 2022 – GWT Platinum Jubilee Team

The Trailwalker UK community

Our Trailwalker UK Facebook group is a great place to ask for advice, share your experience, and even find team mates!